You have more time in your day when you wake up at 5 am.

So I learned as I woke up at 7am. “This is the last time I am getting fake tips on my nails, oh and I forgot to buy coffee for the house.”
These were my 7am thoughts…

But as the day progressed, I realized that my brain was on fire again and I needed to do something about it.
I suffer from anxiety or maybe I am just a really big over thinker, but I knew for sure that my brain was on fire…again.

Being a sufferer from Encephalitis, I strangely became aware of the headaches and sore eyes. If you were wondering what Encephalitis is (my laptop has spelt it incorrectly three times already) it is when your brain is swollen and basically on fire. One can die if not caught early enough or end up with brain damage.

Now 5 pm sitting in my living room, having just watched both Sex And The City movies. I think to myself, what if this was my last day?
But then, my brain quickly skips to the dinner date I have planned for my husband and I, at our favorite pizza place and just like that I am at peace with my thoughts again.

If this was my last day the message to myself will be this, when you wake up at 5am or in my case 7am you get so much more done.

try it.