With love from Tailor…X

Dear fans, listeners and friends…. Where does one start? I guess at the very beginning, in that way you truly comprehend the ending. Or shall we say the middle, as no one knows where we are on our way to or where the road will end. Life is beautiful. I am realizing this simple fact more often.

I have just downloaded a 1920’s french album straight off iTUNES. Lit a scented candle, washed the dishes and now I am blogging for the first time in almost a year. I have made a collage of my favorite moments of 2014 but also added pictures of the last two years. I have come to appreciate the NOW, as I truly comprehend MY begging. Dots are to be connected and I am connecting them one dot at a time. Sometimes a spesific dot refuses to be connected to another, but asking why and questioning it, makes that specific dot less ego driven and eventually melts or connects into the one that follows.


Above is a picture of two of the most loveliest people in my life, my best friend and sister. I thought to share this picture as they have been the biggest blessings in my life. I therefor take this opportunity to celebrate them and to say thank you!

I received a great opportunity to share the stage with the most amazing musician I have come across, Cat Power. What a woman. I learned so much from her. Even though we only got to spend so little time together before the show I think the thing that I took away from our conversations was how to trust yourself more. Listening to your heart and always following your own gut. she was nothing but Grace.

I have started writing new material and I am so excited about the sound……..I guess you now just have to wait and see what I come up with next.
Much Love
Here are some more pictures of my favorite moments…..all my dots.



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  1. You’ll always be my favourite dot! Love you my friend. xxx
    PS – I have that pic of me & Rochelle on my fridge, that was your last official concert in Cape Town when you lived here 🙁 Super fans 😉

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