The Dark Horse is being mastered by Ted Jensen!

Oh my gosh guys ,ok so I just got the most amazing news. My album is being mastered by Ted Jensen. How crazy is this! To those of you who don’t know who he is, he has mastered the latest Florence and The machine album and has worked with the likes of Madonna,Fiona Apple,Deftones and has won a grammy award for Norah Jones’s album in 2003. I mean the list goes on and on…. I am so blessed.   WOLF, my first single has been sent to NYC to be mastered and should be playing on the radio soon!! Can I get a hell yeah!??

It’s all happening so damn fast!:)


The music video for my first single WOLF was amazing. We filmed the whole of Saturday and did our last few shots on Sunday morning. I was bruised:) and sooo tired but it was all SO WORTH it. Pain is fame!haha. The reason for all my bruises was because a lot of the scenes I had to be running around in a big forrest being chased by the big bad wolf. Warwick Allan was one hell of a cool director! He made me feel really relaxed and just let me do my own thing. Just want to give a big thanks to everyone who helped out from photographer to the runner, I THANK YOU!

I’l be doing a radio interview and live performance on the 23rd May on 98.9 Bok Radio from 7pm, so please diaries this tailor made fans!:)

Hope you have prebooked my album cause it will be selling like hotcakes!:)

Much love




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  1. Great stuff

    Don’t be a stranger when you are in Joburg. Send my love to your other half.

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