Right Or Wrong Timing

The concept of timing…is there such a thing?

In my life I have been in many situations where I would ask myself the simple question…is this the wrong or right timing?

The right amount of sugar when I bake a cake, the right brand of coffee, the right amount of pressure I put on myself when it comes to song writing, the right boyfriend, the right friends, the right God, the right timing? Or is there such a thing? I mean, I think we all do this from time to time, we get to a point where we go, IS THIS RIGHT OR WRONG?

But is there such a thing as the wrong time for you to find yourself in a situation where you question why it is not working out? The questions I always hear people ask is; “Why did I not get that promotion?” “Why did I fall in love with someone and then at some point get told “Hey let’s start seeing other people, cause I think I might just see you as a really good friend?” or “Why did my first record do better then my second?”

Like I said these are simple questions I have heard people ask.

But asking if it’s the right or wrong timing, is like asking God when the next miracle will take place?

Your dot is waiting to be connected and if you choose to connect, that’s when you expose yourself to the endless beauty of a new journey.

Sometimes “letting go” isn’t giving up, it merely means “Let God”.