On the road 2016

On the road 2016

Wrote this when I was on the road…

It was my first official solo tour and it all started with a 6:30 am flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth to a place called Bathurst where I played my first show for the official TRUST tour. One thing I have realised is that I really love traveling on my own. I have a huge passion for photography and one thing I regret on this trip is not taking my Minolta Film camera.
Driving on long roads and encountering human beings who have amazing stories to share is what life and touring is about for me.

2016 was an extremely busy year for me. I started the year with a trip to Austin Texas where I met up with a good friend of mine, Zak Loy (who is the now the official 5th member of the band LIVE) to record my third album “TRUST”.

Touring invites all kinds of new energies into a persons life and I soak it all up and take it with me , it’s one of the biggest things that drives me as an artist. Changing peoples lives and giving them a once off live performance that they will never forget is what I live for.


So when I arrived in Bathurst I was welcomed by some really cool venue owners who’s hearts are into live music like no other. Bathurst was such a fun show. 

A day later, I travelled back to Port Elizabeth to play a really cool venue with one of my mates and favourite artists, Jesse Clegg. (go check out his latest album called “Things Unseen”)
What a rad show, you could hear a pin drop. Always a good feeling when the crowd is really into it so thank you PE!

The rest of the leg of the tour was all Cape Town based, there I was joined by guitarist Jannie Lantegaan whom I have shared the stage with numerous times before.

To be honest it was a really good feeling knowing that my “all alone on the road” dynamic was about to change. There is nothing like playing with a band or a guitarist like Jannie. The Cape Town stint was really cool and all the shows were so much fun.
I wrote some new pieces on the road and I can’t wait to share them with you, perhaps they will fit onto Part 2, who knows…:)


Thank you to everyone who came out to watch my shows. You share in my stories and you welcome them with open arms. I really do have the best fans ever.

I discovered a lot of magical things on the road this time around. There was a big part of my heart that became quiet and still.
The loud voices would only come when I called on them which felt refreshing and new.

Like Francois Van Coke would say “Dit raak beter” and it does.

Till next time Tailor fans.