Making peace…

Making peace…


Making peace with the unknown, but knowing that you can’t change whats not for you to change.

I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I haven’t blogged for weeks and I know why…

I am rolling around struggling with the concept of change and what is destine to be permanent.

What is change really? And does it exist?

My brain has not let me go of this concept for the past week. I had to make a really big decision in my life over the last month. I had to remove negative energy, someone, a family member to be exact.

I put this thought and concept at rest for days as I needed to feel, fast and then awake.

I am sharing this story as I know there might be so many of you going through the same thing. You just can’t control the messy, can you? Know that you are not alone.

My days are spent wondering if it was the right thing to do or not. Shut the one person out of your life that negatively influenced it on so many levels but yet knows you the very best. Black vs the colour that you were taught to love.

I am blogging about this specific situation as I know by the time I read back on it a week from now my decision would have manifested and I would have processed it all. I hope by the time it has manifested for you, your heart would feel at peace and know that forgiveness is letting go of the thought that things could have been different.

All I can say is this, instead of blaming the people in your life for the negativity that they might have caused, start blaming them for the good.

“He shut the world out” and therefore I will have the understanding that the most ungrateful people are the most loneliest people in the world.

“Abused the people closest” therefore I have the understanding that karma exists.

“Love was conditional” therefore I will love my family and friends unconditionally.

The ability to take negativity and turn it into positivity is easier said than done but you need to start somewhere.

Definition of change – it is an ACT or process through which something becomes different.

My mind will always wonder and explore the concept of change. It is when you stop to wonder that you forget why you are here in the first place.

So this is my conclusion (its small but yet really big to me).

Change might not happen outside of me as much as I would like, but inside I can feel the fire burning, I can feel the movement and that’s what really matters and sometimes people come into your life just to teach you how to let go…