Live, Love and Respect

Imagine you had the power to know what everyone was thinking? That moment of having the power to move on from someone or to hold on, as you believe it will be worth it…?

I recently traveled to a beautiful city called Austin. In that time I realized one great lesson. When you project love, everyone around you will feel it, even in the quite moments when your tongue has ran a marathon, it’s in that silence that your true lights speaks. When you surround yourself with the right people they make you feel inspired, confident and free. I remember how I use to hold back or not say much in my youth, as I felt I wasn’t cool enough or what I was about to say wasn’t smart enough. How time has passed and how all of us, including me, have grown into the beautiful hopeful spirits we are now. I think not only does time heal but it builds us into the superhero’s we are today.

Live, Love and Respect

IMG_8810I am not a preacher, only a student…


Tailor x