I dont know?


This is a question. A question that I have been meaning to ask myself….

I don’t know does not mean the end to something, it merely means the beginning.

I am 29 and I am still learning and that’s ok.

I have fallen many times like any human being…. Someone told me over the holidays that we all have our stories…what is yours?

What makes us who we are? Life.

We all have anchors keeping us afloat. I try daily not to carry all my thoughts on my own. I sink often, we all do but we always have the choice to swim with the current or against it. How fast or how good we swim is up to us.

I have a lot of tattoos, some are triangles, some are numbers, some are hearts, some are words and I even have a gun tattood on my inner arm. Someone asked me the meaning (no, it is not because of my song ‘Shaped Like A Gun’…). I saw it on a french model and liked the look of it and thought…hey, let me get a gun tattoo:)

To me a gun does not represent negativity but power, strength in the darkness and hey let’s face it, it looks cool. Did I mention I am obsessed  with tattoos!:)

Life throws all kinds of curve balls…big, small,dark,light the divorce kinds and yes, sometimes magical in love ones. Why?……..Cause where you are now, with or without a God, this is exactly where you are suppose to be.

‘I don’t know’ is not the end, merely the beginning.

Talk soon