Diary Blog- Part 3

Hi Fans

I think the last time I blogged, I was still trying to shake off Cape Town energy from my heart. Moving to a new place is a challenge. It most definitely toughens you up and prepares you for the new journey that’s ahead. I think human beings hate change but one thing is for sure, we are built for it.

“New air, new sounds and  a lot of new friends. Leaving the past behind , but keeping your gifts close by”.

I have been in studio for the last month or two with producer Fabian Sing.It’s been a great and blessed process. Writing and arranging is much diffrent to what it was with the previous record. I guess, the more years go by, you start reconising what works and what doesnt.

I want to make an album that I would buy. An album that is fun but that can still whisper answers of inspiration. I mean, that for me, is a good record!

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you think this new album will have longevity” ? To be honest, I didint know how to answer that question. One thing I have learnt is that it’s so important living in the NOW. I have  huge difficulty living in the NOW. I think most of us do….

“LIGHT” which is the title to my second record, is a testimony of my journey. My new journey at least, the one where I am forced to live in the NOW. 

I have been escaping since the age of BORN. I had to. I would escape listening to music just like someone  would escape to drugs or alcohol. My way of escaping was through living up in my head ALL the time. I wasn’t aware of my problem. But through these last few months, I have become my own teacher my own guidance. My new journey has made reality more real. I was reborn at age 28.

I love growing…don’t you?

Much Love.

Counting down the days to LIGHT……T X

4 thoughts on “Diary Blog- Part 3

  1. Hi Tailor
    I relate to what you are saying. I don’t like change and I think its because one does get comfortable in what is familiar. To step out into the unknown, for me is scary but there have been times where I have conquered the unknown and surprised myself. I resist change but when the change happens, I think why did I worry in the first place because it was just what I needed. So ja…like things happen for a reason, the universe knocks on your door, listen..don’t be scared…walk through…you might be surprised. I have to remember that and trust that…its never easy.
    I live for now, not for yesterday and what could possibly come…live for now! I totally get that and live by that!
    I am soooooooo very excited for Light…can’t wait to listen and I hope to see you soon in Cape Town.
    Hugs, Fiona

  2. Many Thanks Fiona. I am very excited to come back to Cape Town. Hope you are coming to the show!:)

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