Brain freeze moments….

Music of choice N.Ravikiran, a beautiful Indian Classical album I discovered through my very cool husband who always seems to discover the great stuff before I do.

A Lot has happened to me spiritually and mentally in the last few weeks. When it doesn’t rain it storms and that’s exactly what I have been experiencing. I had so much to do that my brain actually stood still like a “brain freeze” kind of way but without the freezing part, obviously……so basically nothing like it, haha! (Ag what am I saying) I am sure you have felt this way, right?

From exciting campaigns and playing incredible shows I am feeling more blessed than ever and to top it off I have an incredible team backing me up!  I have been writing a lot of new material and there are at least two albums that are running around in my head. Only time will tell when I’ll be back in studio.

God has been teaching me so much. I have realized or shall I say manifested that when you meditate on the word of God, He lights up every part of your thinking. Super naturally things start to happen. As the light enters through my window the skyline starts changing colours, from a soft yellow to almost a blue grey. I realize another day has ended and already, I am asking questions about tomorrow.

Whatever your God is doing for you let it be known, that He loves you with everything He has got and HIS everything, is YOU.  I leave you bold and beautiful and may you leave your digital device feeling loved……

Much Love

T x