Tailor’s story started at eleven in the milk section of a shopping mall where she performed a song about lip-gloss: the most valued possession of a young girl. Her first fan asked her why she was so quiet before her performance, and the young Tailor replied: “To save my voice, so I can scream on stage!”

Not only successful as a singer and composer of her own music, she has also written music for theatrical productions and documentaries.

Tailor’s 2013 debut album Dark Horse was nominated twice at the SAMA’s (South African Music Awards), she received another 2015 SAMA nomination for her second album Light, and a 2017 SAMA nomination for her latest album Trust Pt. 1.

Tailor’s songs: Shaped like a Gun and Wolf from her album The Dark Horse featured on FOX Network’s hit show: So You Think You Can Dance.

In 2016 Tailor recorded Trust Pt. 1 in Texas with Zak Loy, the lead guitarist from Ed Kowalczyk’s LIVE at Orb Recording Studios. Zak stated:  “We experienced past and present scars, fun, happy, rude, mean, sexy, scary and sad emotions. I’d have to say I lost myself in this record within the first few hours after we started recording…”

Tailor collaborated with Ed Kowalczyk’s (LIVE lead singer) on a song called: Angels on a Razor as well as with Locnville, Nakhane Toure, The Muffinz, Yoav and shared the stage with KONGOS, Locnville, Matthew Mole, Cat Power, Goldfish, Prime Circle and counting.

In 2017 Tailor was asked to open for Johnny Clegg on his final tour. Sold out audiences in South Africa’s Teatro and London’s Apollo Theatre shared this honor with her.

The story of Tailor is also the story of why the world needs music.

In silence we can sleep but to be awake, really conscious, is to listen. And when you listen to Tailor you will find the strength to be vulnerable, and that some of your deeper voices are heard.