Today, who is my person?

All those constant reminders that living in the NOW is the most important thing in life, is probably the best rule to live by. Going to bed tonight and realizing that today was a good day and peacefully slipping away into dream land is a good and wise “last thought to have”. I think.

I ponder sometimes, do Politicians, Teachers, Presidents, Students and probably even researchers trying to find a cure for Cancer, DO THEY EVER GO THERE?-THE WANTING, TO GIVE UP PART?

Now and again that chemical in our brains go off, the one that reminds us of our weaker self. Recently I have had too much of that.
Less shows, less interaction on social media and no radio play which means less shows and less crowd interaction which I absolutely love. The rush of performing live. Eish, NOTHING beats that feeling but is this a big enough reason to give up?

I have never really met a normal or how I would like to call it a “no one person” before. Even my dog Dinky Toy has reason being here.
We are all here to do something. Sometimes I question mine, my person.

Is this it?
Is this where I say
Is this my cue

as the grey fills up the empty spaces
I slowly start seeing it
it was me all along
my person
looking back at me
like chess
I have been waiting for my own move.

Love Tailor

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