With two 2013 SAMA nominations behind her debut album “The Dark Horse” and a 2015 SAMA nomination behind her second album “Light”, Tailor’s journey has been nothing but a feat of celebratory confidence.

In February 2016, Tailor embarked on a trip to Austin, Texas to record her third album TRUST that is due for release in August 2016. Zak Loy, also known as, Ed Kowalczyk’s lead guitarist and member of the Ed’s band LIVE, was granted the opportunity to produce Tailor’s album at Orb Recording Studios in Texas. Zak stated; “There is a point when you get lost in the record making process and there are different levels of losing yourself while making a record. I’d have to say I lost myself in this record within the first few hours after we started recording and by the end of the first day I was completely engulfed in the vibe and setting that we had created around these songs. Working with Tailor on this recording was an amazing ride of creativity and emotion. We experienced past and present scars, fun, happy, rude, mean, sexy, scary and sad emotions.” Othere musicians on the album include: Zak Loy, Einar Pedersen, Nick Jay, Jeff Bryant, Haydn Vitera, Tabber Millard, Clint Simmons, Ramy Antoun, Caleb Contreras, Matt Noveskey

The first two singles to be released from TRUST will be “1000 Miles” and “Trust”, both of which will have music videos directed by Tailor herself.

Tailor has collaborated with the likes of; the legendary songwriter and former lead singer of multi-platinum rock band Live, Ed Kowalczyk, on his song called “Angels on a Razor” from his album “The Flood and The Mercy”, as well as, Locnville, Nakhane Toure, The Muffinz,Yoav to name a few, she has also shared the stage with KONGOS, Locnville, Matthew Mole, Cat Power, Goldfish, Yoav, Johnny Clegg, Prime Circle and many more.

In 2015 her song “Shaped like a Gun” from her critically acclaimed album “The Dark Horse” featured on Seasons 12 US TV hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” with a dance choreographed by Travis Wall, this year sees “Wolf” featured on Season 13.

Tailor is a force to be reckoned with, her diverse voice will take you through an emotional yet happy journey which will leave you inspired. Tailor is famous for her energy as a live act.

Tailor will embarked on a South African tour in 2016 to promote the latest album.