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Video Diary – Part 1


Tailor – Dreamcatcher (Acoustic Version of LCNVL collaboration)


LCNL ft. Tailor – Dreamcatcher (OFFICIAL Music Video)



We all find right at the right time.

I have been living in Johannesburg for about 5 months now. Playing a whole bunch of exciting shows and feeling greatful and blessed for being able to make people smile and confidently call myself a musician. I must say the most exciting show I have played this year was OppiKoppi. WHAT A BLAST! People were singing along and some of you were wearing Tailor T-shirts.What an awesome feeling. Inspired indeed, I was.

So what’s been up for you guys?- Thank you so much for reading my blogs and making me feel so welcome in your hearts.

I have been writing new songs. All good pieces (of course I would say so haha) But seriously ,I have been pushing myself creatively like I have never done before. With The Dark Horse, it was real simple. I had a life time to write my debut album. This time, I feel I am scraping from the bottom of the creative BRAIN well. Every last bit of bits I can find I am writing about. Which makes it challenging but OH SO GOOD! You see…. In this way I am challenging myself to think outside of the box. Outside of that dark box I was living in for a long time. I have found new ways of seeing love, life and  writing. I can’t wait for you to hear the new sound. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas…. To my fans -thank you for being so patient.

This is it…. the new and continuous road I have chosen as a woman and as a musician.

We all find right at the right time. Boy Oh Boy does it take long though! But it’s exactly in those moments you are supposed to start thanking and stop complaining aaaaand …guess what…WAIT and sometimes wait some more. Because just when things get really difficult in that process of waiting the answer is just around the corner. We all go through this,,,the waiting period of it all. It is the most difficult stage of our prayers. And once we receive what we oh so badly want, we will jump on to the next wish for our lifes. We all will find The right at the right time. The key is to WAIT.

My best friend has been waiting , what to her feels like forever, for the right man. She keeps saying ” I am just gonna go back to my old boyfriend bacause, I miss him and even though I know he is no good for me I still miss the familiarity but most of all the security.

Most of the time, the things we so often miss from our past are things that triggered some kind of happiness and safety. But only the type of love and happiness we think we deserved at that time. We often miss the idea of…not the actual person or dream or even life.

Move away from what you think is wrong and move towards the right. And even if it’s only right for right now. DO IT. If you feel that your heart is seeking that particular love or dream. Go for it. Cause even if it’s a mistake. “That” mistake, will lead you on to the next journey. The next wish- the next new LOVE.

I have been waiting and I have found. And even if it meant waiting 7 years for the right. I have waited.

I pray you will find it too. WAIT….patiently:)

T xxxxx


God. Heart. Head. I am proud of you.

Hi, I am creatively impulsive. I speak words that are sometimes more from the head when it should actually be from the HEART. But I never lie about what I feel. In the moment of the spark my HEART is truly there. Does that make someone a liar? You can change your mind can’t you? I guess. But does that mean your heart was never into it from the start?

Without being impulsive,  I think I would write my songs differently.  You see my pattern goes like this: I write what comes to mind. The moment a lyric pops into my mind, I would write it down. I don’t analyze it.


Music doesn’t need to be analyzed. (please don’t quote me on this tough, I might change my mind in a few years) The moment you start analyzing words in a song. It becomes REAL and I don’t like that. I like the” sireal, unrealness and super natural” of it just “BEING”. Darn,,,am I even making sense here? (Some of these words aren’t even words.)

I mean….. I think music is like a dream. You live in a 3 or maybe 2-minute space of imagination. For example, ….you know when your listening to a song on your headphones while your working out , or your just walking in a park? Whilst the music is blaring in your ears,, in “that” moment your life or everything around you becomes a music video. It takes you on a journey which is REAL, but only in your head. Does that mean you don’t feel it in your heart? Does the pure magic in “that” moment make it impulsively creative? Are we all just impulsively creative?

I love Music. I love God.

The super natural of it all.



No more loud, no more confusion, no more uneasiness. I am surrounded by angels and words of wisdom. Not from my own but from YOURS.





Why do we fall so often?

I am always good at projecting my feelings, which I guess sometimes, makes me come across needy and visibly insecure. Instead of shying away and keeping my mouth closed I would rather prefer to wear my heart on my sleeve. If I didn’t communicate the way I do, I wonder if that would make me fall less?

One of my friends has taught me that we all have our faults and that it’s not about how you fail as a person but how you can change someone else’s life by showing them that it’s ok to be human and fall sometimes. I guess love WILL always win in the end…

So this is what my 26 year old heart has observed so far… I fall in LOVE easily. There it is. Pretty simple. I mean, if it wasn’t for my heart being so fragile and sometimes weak, I wouldn’t be able to write the songs I have written.  MY flaw has become people’s stories. MY flaw has become people’s voices.

So even if you do fall sometimes, there will always be someone picking you up on the other side.

Whichever God you believe in, in the end we are all believing in LOVE. So even if you do fall more then you would like to, always know, that someone else can learn from your flaw your mistake.


So yes dear Sir…In the end LOVE has won this little game and the Hero can always walk on, holding his head up high.





Life is more then THIS!

Hi everyone

I haven’t blogged in forever. To be honest I had nothing to write about till now…I’ve been meeting some awesome people at my shows. People like YOU ,who have taken the time to get to know me. It’s great to know people are listening and opening their hearts to my stories.

I have met this one person in particular who has taught me that life is so much more then THIS. “This” meaning, that fame, money and approval doesn’t matter. You need to keep reminding yourself that living above and beyond “earthly stuff” is key in living a successful life. Putting God first, in ALL I do, is key for me in living a successful life. What’s key for you?

Don’t get me wrong, boy oh boy do I mess up in my life sometimes. But as long as you are working towards getting stronger in becoming a better person then that is all that matters in Gods eyes.


Now….for some musical thoughts….:)

I have been playing some amazing shows and being nominated for 2 SAMA AWARDS is just as cool as opening an awesome gift on Christmas morning..eeeeek!! What a blessing!

I really hope you do enjoy reading my blogs….


Bye for now and much LOVE right back to you!




I’m no blogger….just a music lover

Please let me remind you that I’m no professional blogger. Purely a girl/musician sitting in front of her computer, chooses a song to listen to on her mac and then starts typing away on thoughts. Thoughts that are hopefully interesting enough to read through and relate to or be inspired by.

Song of choice today: Threads by a band called THIS WILL DESTROY YOU. They are an instrumental band that I so madly fell in love with. Check them out and listen to this track. I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

Where do I begin…I love routine. But in the music industry there is none of that. Not even a little.. It’s important to keep yourself balanced and checked. You can easily lose who you are. I must admit I felt a little unbalanced the other day. It’s like the world was pulling at my seems and one by one I was all over the place. I learned though that only you can make the decision to get out of that mind set and into another. We are all human. Music has taught me that without it, life seems patientless, anxious and dark. Music is my spiritual safe haven that God has blessed me with. Is music like that to you? What does it mean to you? All I know is that  Music saved my life.

I got this crazy opportunity to open up for Yoav at Kirstenboch gardens. I was blown away by the response I received. It was like 3000 angels sitting and embracing what I find to be so passionate about. Music.

I have met so many amazing people on this journey. Your stories have all inspired me. Thank you for making this seem so easy even when your living on 3 slices of toasts a day..Yes it can be done:)haha

Lots of love




Listening to Patrick Watson’s song “Build a home” and it got me thinking…

Without Life always throwing such crazy curveballs we wouldn’t feel like we are living to the fullest,, right?

For the first time in years I am feeling fulfilled in my heart. I am trying not to sound to naive and cheesy here. But its true. I guess when you love people as much as I do, your heart gets filled up with smiles and words of wisdom. A good friend of mine Sue Wildisch always use to say “Know you are as a musician, in that way no one can steer you off your path”. Those words have manifested itself and I fully comprehend it now. Words of wisdom like this one, makes me feel fulfilled.

I have met so many amazing people the last few months. One person in particular…. He taught me that loving someone means comprehending their love, manifesting their love. In that way your eyes will never wonder or question cause your heart will always steer you right back onto your path. Isn’t that just amazing? God always sends amazing angels onto my road. So thank you!

Thank you for reading this Tailor made fans…May it inspire you:)

I am off to bed now..