This morning I got on the road again and it felt so good!

I think the problem with traveling is that once you like it, you are in it, for the long ride and for good.

The dust in the air and the pink skies reflect a mood that only one can explain when you’ve been driving for 10 hours straight. A sort of life that one can get use to even if everything starts looking the same.

I feel like spending my time in this bus for at least a few months.

Arrived at the show this morning at Pont De Vaal. It’s really beautiful here. Almost feels like we arrived in a different country. The stage is floating on water and the show is set to be sold out.

Oh how I love performing. Nothing comes close to it.

See you from the stage.

Love Tailor


Pont de Vaal




On the Road…

Nothing like it!

Listening to The Kills ,check. Hair in a bun to refrain from knotting, check. Drink lots of water, check. Touring with a cool and humble band, check. Good conversation, check. Missing my husband, check. Four outfits for the up and coming shows, and a fifth one just in case I spill coffee on one of them, check. Thinking about life, a lot, check.

I’ll never get use to the road but the road seems to get use to me.IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3118


Tailor xx

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Tailor’s track makes headlines

Have you heard!

My song “Shaped like a Gun” from my Debut album “The Dark Horse” featured on the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX in the USA. Lily Leyva has made it through to the Las Vegas round, wishing her all the best and will be keeping a close eye on her performances going forward.

Good luck Lily!

Download a copy of “The Dark Horse” on iTunes:

Watch Lily’s performance and a live performance of “Shaped like a Gun”

Click here for Lily’s Performance:

So you think you can dance

Click here for Live Performance:

Shaped like a gun



What a concept. One that sometimes doesn’t make sense and fails to accomplish our wildest dreams and wishes. My dearest friend is getting divorced. I do believe that as human beings we die in order to live.One makes the decision to either fight for it or fight and let go.

I was and have experienced a long term relationship before and was never quite ready to talk about it till now. I was with someone for 7 years and may I add that spending your life with someone side by side for that time period is something to be talked about. The beauty that comes out of ruins is more beautiful then you could have imagined.

couple hand
It took nothing at all to part the red sea only belief and faith that it would. This is how we feel when we go through a break up or divorce. Faith takes over, if not, you will lose your true self.

The unofficial rule book for love keeps growing and keeps being rewritten unlike the Bible. I do question how I support someone in this situation as I know it is an experience as close to death here on earth.

Packed like sardines in a can we all are the same when it comes down to love. Love is the one thing that unites us.

My advice if you can relate, breath in and let go.  Through letting go and losing your old self you find your new and more wiser true self. The break up part though, may take days, months, or even years to get over. But I can assure you that once you get through it , you always come out stronger and that is a promise and a decision you need to make. Taking it step by step connecting those dots will make you wiser.


Much Love Tailor


South African Music Awards 2015

Another award show done and dusted! Even though I didn’t win the award for Best Alternative Album, it was an honor to be nominated and for “Light” to be recognized and therefore I am very thankful. Congratulations to Bittereinder and all the other winners of the evening, well deserved!

I would like to thank Lunar for dressing me in a beautiful black silk dress and Exquisite Hair design for Styling

Till next time




Today, who is my person?

All those constant reminders that living in the NOW is the most important thing in life, is probably the best rule to live by. Going to bed tonight and realizing that today was a good day and peacefully slipping away into dream land is a good and wise “last thought to have”. I think.

I ponder sometimes, do Politicians, Teachers, Presidents, Students and probably even researchers trying to find a cure for Cancer, DO THEY EVER GO THERE?-THE WANTING, TO GIVE UP PART?

Now and again that chemical in our brains go off, the one that reminds us of our weaker self. Recently I have had too much of that.
Less shows, less interaction on social media and no radio play which means less shows and less crowd interaction which I absolutely love. The rush of performing live. Eish, NOTHING beats that feeling but is this a big enough reason to give up?

I have never really met a normal or how I would like to call it a “no one person” before. Even my dog Dinky Toy has reason being here.
We are all here to do something. Sometimes I question mine, my person.

Is this it?
Is this where I say
Is this my cue

as the grey fills up the empty spaces
I slowly start seeing it
it was me all along
my person
looking back at me
like chess
I have been waiting for my own move.

Love Tailor


You have more time in your day when you wake up at 5 am.

So I learned as I woke up at 7am. “This is the last time I am getting fake tips on my nails, oh and I forgot to buy coffee for the house.”
These were my 7am thoughts…

But as the day progressed, I realized that my brain was on fire again and I needed to do something about it.
I suffer from anxiety or maybe I am just a really big over thinker, but I knew for sure that my brain was on fire…again.

Being a sufferer from Encephalitis, I strangely became aware of the headaches and sore eyes. If you were wondering what Encephalitis is (my laptop has spelt it incorrectly three times already) it is when your brain is swollen and basically on fire. One can die if not caught early enough or end up with brain damage.

Now 5 pm sitting in my living room, having just watched both Sex And The City movies. I think to myself, what if this was my last day?
But then, my brain quickly skips to the dinner date I have planned for my husband and I, at our favorite pizza place and just like that I am at peace with my thoughts again.

If this was my last day the message to myself will be this, when you wake up at 5am or in my case 7am you get so much more done.

try it.


LIGHT has been nominated for a SAMA!

My album “LIGHT” has been nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award) in the category “Best Alternative Album”. Thank you to everyone for always believing in me and continue to walk this journey with me.

You can watch the making of “LIGHT” brought to you by Orphen Films right here.

Thank you to Orphen Films for bringing the story to life.


With love from Tailor…X

Dear fans, listeners and friends…. Where does one start? I guess at the very beginning, in that way you truly comprehend the ending. Or shall we say the middle, as no one knows where we are on our way to or where the road will end. Life is beautiful. I am realizing this simple fact more often.

I have just downloaded a 1920’s french album straight off iTUNES. Lit a scented candle, washed the dishes and now I am blogging for the first time in almost a year. I have made a collage of my favorite moments of 2014 but also added pictures of the last two years. I have come to appreciate the NOW, as I truly comprehend MY begging. Dots are to be connected and I am connecting them one dot at a time. Sometimes a spesific dot refuses to be connected to another, but asking why and questioning it, makes that specific dot less ego driven and eventually melts or connects into the one that follows.


Above is a picture of two of the most loveliest people in my life, my best friend and sister. I thought to share this picture as they have been the biggest blessings in my life. I therefor take this opportunity to celebrate them and to say thank you!

I received a great opportunity to share the stage with the most amazing musician I have come across, Cat Power. What a woman. I learned so much from her. Even though we only got to spend so little time together before the show I think the thing that I took away from our conversations was how to trust yourself more. Listening to your heart and always following your own gut. she was nothing but Grace.

I have started writing new material and I am so excited about the sound……..I guess you now just have to wait and see what I come up with next.
Much Love
Here are some more pictures of my favorite moments…..all my dots.




Diary Blog- Part 3

Hi Fans

I think the last time I blogged, I was still trying to shake off Cape Town energy from my heart. Moving to a new place is a challenge. It most definitely toughens you up and prepares you for the new journey that’s ahead. I think human beings hate change but one thing is for sure, we are built for it.

“New air, new sounds and  a lot of new friends. Leaving the past behind , but keeping your gifts close by”.

I have been in studio for the last month or two with producer Fabian Sing.It’s been a great and blessed process. Writing and arranging is much diffrent to what it was with the previous record. I guess, the more years go by, you start reconising what works and what doesnt.

I want to make an album that I would buy. An album that is fun but that can still whisper answers of inspiration. I mean, that for me, is a good record!

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you think this new album will have longevity” ? To be honest, I didint know how to answer that question. One thing I have learnt is that it’s so important living in the NOW. I have  huge difficulty living in the NOW. I think most of us do….

“LIGHT” which is the title to my second record, is a testimony of my journey. My new journey at least, the one where I am forced to live in the NOW. 

I have been escaping since the age of BORN. I had to. I would escape listening to music just like someone  would escape to drugs or alcohol. My way of escaping was through living up in my head ALL the time. I wasn’t aware of my problem. But through these last few months, I have become my own teacher my own guidance. My new journey has made reality more real. I was reborn at age 28.

I love growing…don’t you?

Much Love.

Counting down the days to LIGHT……T X