Diary Blog- Part 3

Hi Fans

I think the last time I blogged, I was still trying to shake off Cape Town energy from my heart. Moving to a new place is a challenge. It most definitely toughens you up and prepares you for the new journey that’s ahead. I think human beings hate change but one thing is for sure, we are built for it.

“New air, new sounds and  a lot of new friends. Leaving the past behind , but keeping your gifts close by”.

I have been in studio for the last month or two with producer Fabian Sing.It’s been a great and blessed process. Writing and arranging is much diffrent to what it was with the previous record. I guess, the more years go by, you start reconising what works and what doesnt.

I want to make an album that I would buy. An album that is fun but that can still whisper answers of inspiration. I mean, that for me, is a good record!

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you think this new album will have longevity” ? To be honest, I didint know how to answer that question. One thing I have learnt is that it’s so important living in the NOW. I have  huge difficulty living in the NOW. I think most of us do….

“LIGHT” which is the title to my second record, is a testimony of my journey. My new journey at least, the one where I am forced to live in the NOW. 

I have been escaping since the age of BORN. I had to. I would escape listening to music just like someone  would escape to drugs or alcohol. My way of escaping was through living up in my head ALL the time. I wasn’t aware of my problem. But through these last few months, I have become my own teacher my own guidance. My new journey has made reality more real. I was reborn at age 28.

I love growing…don’t you?

Much Love.

Counting down the days to LIGHT……T X


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Lyrics: WOLF

Hi everyone… If you haven’t bought the album yet or if you have bought it via I tunes and you can’t read the lyrics here they asked for by you!

Wolf was one of the first songs I wrote while recording demo’s in studio. I remember feeling high after writing it. The words and emotion was God sent. It was one of the easiest songs to write but one of the most difficult songs to record.

Rain falls down my cheek
I wish I , I wish I knew better then I know now
Forrest rain coming down my soul

15 seconds ago

2x As the darkness fills my soul
The way I don’t know I don’t know
Everything you do is oh so so

As the wolf comes running and running we did.

Rain falls down my cheek
I remember it well when you said goodbye
Holding my hand so tightly
my phone burns down my soul
as the wolf comes running and running we did


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Tailor – Wolf (OFFICIAL Music Video)